This service is offered to companies who do not have their own email list, but quickly want to reach more than 500k business in the World by own advertising presentation, solutions or catalogs.
nkNewsletter service now have the option of more than 500k firm database in EU.

We can therefore assume (after the order and payment):
- The customer can access to the nkNewsletter Email Marketing System, where he can upload own newsletter (selected more than 200 free newsletter templates)
- We send newsletter to 500k existing company emails
- Can be monitored under the e-mail campaign (we provide the e-mail openings to measure access to 30 days), closing campaign and you can export the results with statistics for collected email addresses of the visitors.

Now at a discounted price 500 EUR a prospective new partner will reach out into a total of  0.1 EURO.
The nkNewsletter has guaranteed to provide one of the best solutions to meet new clients.

Would you like send newsletter to 500k active company in EU?
To order, putting the "Add to Cart" button, log in to our system and pay by Paypal after we will send the account to our email marketing system.

196 625 Ft
Email database building